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This LibGuide is published to promote access to the F. D. Bluford Library and Special Collections at North Carolina A&T State University, and research of A&T history remotely.

1900 - 1909

"East View of Campus" from 1907-1908 Bulletin of the A&M College. 

"In September, 1899, I left home to enter school with $1.43. The distance by rail was a hundred miles. I borrowed $5.00 from my brother, who carried me to the station where I took the train for Greensboro. We reached the city about 12:30 P. M. and I was soon on the campus of the A. & T. College. Prof. C. H. Moore was then bursar, and after paying him $3.00 for board, I had fifty cents left for my month's laundry and no books."

- Charles Gaston Davis, '1907 from History of the American Negro and his Institutions, Volume IV North Carolina Edition, by A. B. Caldwell, 1921, pg. 667-668.

Tips for Researching This Time Period

North Carolina A&T State University is an 1890 Second Morrill Land-Grant Act public university located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

NAME CHANGES TO REMEMBER: In our earliest years, sometimes press articles would alter or incorrectly state the names of the college. The correct name is in bold, and alternative phrasings are listed to help with research.

1891 - 1915 - Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race - ["A. and M. College for the Colored Race", "A&M College For the Colored Race", "Colored A. and M. College of Greensboro", "North Carolina A. and M. College at Greensboro", "The Greensboro A. and M. College".] *PLEASE NOTE: "A. and M. College" was also the name for what is now NC State University in Raleigh; It was also referred to as the "A. and M. College at Raleigh".

1915  - 1957 - Negro Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina - [A. and T. College, A & T. College, A&T College of North Carolina]

FOUNDING DATE: March 9, 1891


Rev. Dr. John Oliver Crosby, Ph.D (1892 - 1896)

Dr. James Benson Dudley (1896 - 1925)


Timeline, 1901 - 1910


Ms. Frances Grimes of Asheville, NC is the first woman to earn a bachelors degree from the college.
Enrollment was restricted to males only. Florence Garrett and Hannah A. Bullock, class of 1902, are the last female bachelors recipients for another 27 years. Women could only attend the summer school sessions for teachers during that time.
The College developed an 100-acre farm equipped with the latest in farm machinery and labor-saving devices.


The exact year of authorship is unknown, but "Dear A&M", later retitled "Dear A&T" by First Lady Susie B. Dudley is published in the college bulletin. 



South Dormitory (later renamed Old Vanstory Hall) was completed. It was designed by Professor Adam Watson, one of the first 7 graduates of the college. In some histories, it was named the first building on the A&T campus designed by a person of color.