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Thinking Critically At NC A&T SU

A guide to resources that support the five learning outcomes of NC A&T's QEP.



Score the product and the process

Scoring the Product:

  • Have I stated my purpose clearly?

  • Have I stated the question at issue clearly and precisely?

  • Have I identified my assumptions and point of view?

  • Have I been fair-minded in evaluating all points of view?

  • Have I made unsupported claims?

  • Is the supporting information clear, accurate, and relevant to the question?

  • Have I gathered sufficient information?

  • Are my inferences consistent with each other?

  • Have I identified assumptions that led to my inferences?

  • Have I considered the consequences of my conclusions?

  • Did I present the information in the best manner?

Scoring the Process:

  • Was the process efficient and effective?

  • How will I do things better next time?