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Thinking Critically At NC A&T SU

A guide to resources that support the five learning outcomes of NC A&T's QEP.

Explanation of Student Learning Outcome 2

The student will evaluate information (i.e., data) critically to judge decisions, problems, and conclusions.


Enabling Objectives for Outcome 2

2.1 The student will question experts and document evidence and gather valid and reliable data.

       (VALUE Critical Thinking Rubric – Evidence)

2.2 The student will synthesize comprehensive data for use in further analysis.

       (VALUE Inquiry and Analysis Rubric – Existing knowledge, research, and/or views)


Skills to be taught in the freshman/sophomore/junior courses:

Determine what information is needed in order to make a decision.

Determine the usefulness of information.

Determine the credibility of sources.

Graphic Organizers

Use these graphic organizers to help determine information needed and usefulness of information

Resources for Students

Use graphic organizers to help determine what information is needed in order to make a decision and the usefulness of information.

Resources for Faculty