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Thinking Critically At NC A&T SU

A guide to resources that support the five learning outcomes of NC A&T's QEP.



Investigate resources

Ø Be open minded.

Ø Judge the credibility of sources.

  • What criteria should I use to evaluate and select the information sources?

  • What are some possible sources for the type of information I need?

  • What are the best sources? Are certain sources required?

  • What sources will give me diverse points of view? How will I identify their strengths and weaknesses?

  • Where are the sources located?

  • Where is the information within the source, and how do I locate it?

  • Is my search plan working, or do I need to revise it?

Resources for Investigating

NCAT Library Catalog Find books and E-Books through the library catalog.
Evaluating Print Resources Tips on evaluating resources by reviewing the bibliographic information
Evaluating Print Resource Content Tips on evaluating the content of print resources
Primary and Secondary Sources What is a "primary source?" What is a "secondary source?" How do you tell the difference? When should you use each of those?
 Talking to Databases This video demonstrates using effective search terms to find information in library databases.
NCAT Library Online


Search NCAT's collection of subscription databases for authoritative information on every topic.
More Resources Find listings of all databases to which NCAT subscribes and access to other library’s materials.
NCAT Subject Guides Not sure where to start? Try these subject guides to resources.
Four Nets for Better Searching Four easy-to-remember tips for finding exactly what you need on the Internet.
Google Help Tips for Google Advanced Search
Invisible Web Databases Specialized tools by subject area to help you find things your search engine might not find.
Ask A Librarian! Need help?? Ask a Librarian! Chat, E-mail, or phone an NCAT librarian. They are happy to help you.