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Search Results

Topic Searching 

  • Click on the Research Topic link.
  • Type search topic.
  • The screen provides a series of options which lets you decide how specific to be
  • You can select one or more by clicking in the box to the left of the desired choice

Analyzing & Refining Results 

  • Select the results you want to work with by checking the box on the right. Click Get References.
  • At the top right of the new search results screen, you will see an Analysis/Refine button.

  Navigating the Results

  • The full record varies but usually includes an abstract and descriptive terms
  • Use the indexing terms or supplementary terms to improve your search
  • Some terms may be highlighted in blue. You can click on these to find additional information.
  • Substance information can be viewed by clicking on the link
  • You may also view all references highlighted in blue.

 Full Text Results

         SciFinder has the capability to link to the full text of the article IF our library has a subscription to the journal. When you click the Full Text link, you will be taken to ChemPort Connection to view the article in PDF or HTML format.

 Cited Reference Searching 

  • SciFinder provides a feature to see who has cited, or included, a specific article in their article
  • Once you find an article of interest, click the Get Cited link.
  • If there are citations in SciFinder that cite the original article, they will be shown.

 Get Substances

  • This lets you view any articles that index (use) the same substance as in your article
  • Click on the Get Related button on the bottom left of the screen
  • Then click on the Substances icon. This will gather all the information on the substance. A good way to find out chemical properties of items



Samples Searches

Bibliographic Searches

  • Explore by Author NameMassie, Bob

Shows how to do an author search, display a full record in results, and link to the full-text of an article.

  • Explore by Research Topic: Biological Methods of Preparing Anthrax Toxin or Antibiotics found in meat

Shows how to enter a phrase or sentence in English. Results show the number of choices available,  includes displaying results of a full record, and choices available if you want to get related records.

  •   Get Cited/Get Citing

Shows documents that cite or are cited by the document you are interested in.

Analyze Results

At the top right corner of the search results screen, you will see an Analysis and Refine button.

Use the drop-down menu and bars on the Analysis tab to view various subsets of

your answer set.


Analyzing the results sorts the results in particular ways. For example, you can see which journals had the most articles in your search or which authors are most frequently found in the results

Refine Results

At the top right corner of the search results screen, you will see an Analyze or Refine button.

Refine the search to reduce the number of results

Click on the Refine button. This brings up a screen which presents your options. Click on the language icon and click next to English. Press OK. This will limit your results to English language articles

Save, Print, or Export Results

To save, print or export only a subset of the answers, select the references of interest before clicking one of the above three options. If no references are selected, the entire answer set will be included.