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Sci Finder is the Web version of Chemical Abstracts.

Sci Finder requires registration BEFORE one can Access.

Register per the instructions below.

Sci Finder is listed under the letter "S" databases at the library's homepage.

Alternately, use the link on the Searching page to Access.

How to Register and Access



SciFinder is composed of six databases and covers literature from the late 19th century to present in the following fields:chemistry, chemical engineering,biochemistry,geochemistry, agricultural chemistry,biomedical and medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, materials science,organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, environmental scienceand wastemanagement.

The six databases making up SciFinder include:

 CAplus - literature database

CA Registry Numbers - physical property data, and structure diagrams

CASREACT - reaction data

CHEMCATS - chemical source data 

CHEMLIST - regulatory chemical information

Medline - the Medline database includes OLDMEDLINE, and covers biomedical literature from more than 4,780 journals and 70 countries.

Chemport: Connecting to full-text documents

Some of the subjects covered at this site are: engineering/applied chemistry, general chemistry, physics, biology & life sciences, medical sciences, polymer sciences, material sciences, geological sciences, food sciences and agricultural sciences.