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Sci Finder Database


 References – title, author, publication, date, volume, abstracts & citations

            Refine research by: year, document type, language, author name,

            and company.

            Answer Sets: SciFinder allows you to import your answer set.

            Keep Me Posted: allows you to review areas of interest.


 Substances – allows you to search substances by chemical names, formulas, structures and reactions.

At this page you can draw a structure. Search by exact structure, substructure or by similarity.

Refine your answer by: characteristics, class or study.


 Reaction – products, substance details, regulatory information, ratios associated with products yield.

            Draw or import a reaction. You can explore reactions link to your structure.

            Refine your reaction by: classification, source, publication, number of steps.


Search Tips

  • SciFinder automatically looks for synonyms, other word forms (typing freeze would result in freeze, frozen, freezing, froze etc.), abbreviations (typing chem. results in chemistry, chemical etc.) and includes British and American spellings (color would include color and colour)
  • Words may also be automatically truncated—adjustment may result in Sci Finder looking for adjust, adjusting etc.
  • Must enter a last name for an author search. Sci Finder defaults to "Look for alternative spellings of the last name". For example, type jone and notice the variations that are retrieved.