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World War I - The Great War

Resources from the F. D. Bluford Library and the best of online instructional resources and digital collections to celebrate the Centennial of World War I.

Suggested eJournals

Military History

African American Review

Women's Studies

War in History

The Journal of Military History

Airpower Journal

Nations and Nationalism

Diplomatic History

Presidential Studies Quarterly

The American Historical Review


Military Medicine

Annals of Surgery

Intelligence & National Security

International Journal of Maritime History

Sample eJournal Articles

 “Freedom Struggles: African Americans and World War I.” Sklaroff, Lauren. 2010. The Journal of American History 97 (3): 832–33.

“Fighting on Two Fronts: World War One, Women’s Suffrage, and John Pershing’s ‘Hello Girls.’” Cobbs, Elizabeth. 2017. South Central Review 34 (3): 31–47.

“Courage and Medical Innovation: The Nurses of World War One.” Power, Jo-Ann. 2014. British Journal of Nursing 22 (22): 1323–23. 

 “The Great War through Women’s Eyes.” Moravec, Michelle, Elizabeth Bolton, Kyah Hawkins, Sabrina HegganJeel Rao, and Hope Smalley.  2017. Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies 84 (4): 452–61.

 “The Italian Army's Losses in the First World War.” Fornasin, Alessio. 2017. Population, English Edition 72 (1): 39–61.

 “World War I and the Origins of U.S. Military Intelligence.” Lovett, C C. 2013. Choice 50 (8): 1504

“Animating the War: The First World War and Children's Cartoons in America.” 2007. The Lion and the Unicorn 31 (2): 132–46.

"Indian Economy and Society during World War One." Bagchi, Amiya Kumar. Social Scientist 42, no. 7/8 (2014): 5-27.

 “Evaluating the Community Health Legacy of WWI Chemical Weapons Testing.” Fox, Mary, Frank Curriero, Kathryn Kulbicki, Beth Resnick, and Thomas Burke. 2010.  Journal of Community Health 35 (1): 93–103.

 “African-American Medical Personnel in the Us Army in the First World War.” Marble S. 2018. Journal of the National Medical Association 110 (1): 29–36