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World War I - The Great War

Resources from the F. D. Bluford Library and the best of online instructional resources and digital collections to celebrate the Centennial of World War I.

Database Instructions

You can find the Databases' sub-tab on the Library's Home Page. All of these databases are available for on and off-campus users at

To find databases from the Library Home Page:

  • Choose the Databases tab from the Library home page
  • Click View Databases by Title
  • Look in alphabetical order for the name of the database

Please note: For off-campus access use your username and password that you use for wifi and Blackboard.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • First World War
  • The Great War
  • World War 1
  • World War I
  • World War One
  • WW I 
  • WWI 

Other Possible Keywords/Subject Headings

The War to End All Wars

The War of the Nations

African Americans and World War I

Women and World War I

Casualties and World War I

Enlisted Personnel and World War I

Regiments, Units, Formations, and Battalions in World War I

Europe and World War I

Medicine and World War I

The Homefront during World War I 

Battles and World War I

Airpower and World War I

Seapower and World War I

Weaponry and World War I