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Mens et Manus: A Pictorial History of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Celebrating 125 years of History, this book is the Text-in-Community title for 2015-2016! This Guide will provide access to the resources used to author the book and other supplementary material.

About the Summer Resources

The Text-in-Community and 125th Anniversary book will not be available until after Welcome Week - right after school starts at the end of August - or soon thereafter.

To get you started on celebrating 125 years of North Carolina A&T State University, we are making available at least two free and openly accessible online articles, books, or other materials used to research each chapter of the book.

Chapter One: Laying Foundations, 1890-1918

Chapter Two: Migration, Renaissance, and Depression

Chapter Three: The War Years, 1940-1949

Chapter Four: The Civil Rights Era, 1950-1965

Chapter Five: Black Power and Activism, 1966-1979

Chapter Six: The Technological Age, 1980-2000

Chapter Seven: A New Millennium, 2001-2014