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The Sit-In Movement, 1960

Four North Carolina A&T freshmen made history on February 1, 1960 by starting America’s Sit-In Movement at F. W. Woolworth in downtown Greensboro.

February One Statue


Engraved on the February One Monument base...
These four A&T Freshmen envisioned and carried out the lunch counter sit-in of February 1, 1960 in downtown Greensboro. Their courageous act against social injustice inspired similar progress across the nation and is remembered as a defining moment in the struggle for civil rights.

Artist and creator of the February One monument, Dr. James Barnhill is an associate professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department in the College of Arts and Sciences at North Carolina A&T State University.  
The statue was unveiled on the 42nd anniversary, February 1, 2001. It is located in the circular drive in front of the Dudley Building.


A&T Human Rights Medal Recipients

The A&T Human Rights Medal is presented at every February One commemoration to "an individual who has had a positive impact on correcting social injustices and other humanitarian activities. Other humanitarian activities might include human welfare and social reform, acts of heroism, promotion of fellowship, dedication to technological discovery, academic advancements or contributions, diplomatic endeavors, and community contributions". For nomination and more information please go to:


2020 Alma Adams 


2019 Zaki Khalifa 


2018 Bob Page 


2017 Dorothy Ann Pryor Dobson 

2016 Maurice O. “Mo” Green 


2015 Rep. John Lewis 


2014 US Congresswoman Eva M. Clayton 


2013 Rep. Melvin L. “Mel” Watt (DNC) 


2012 Reverend Nelson N. Johnson and Joyce Hobson-Johnson 


2011 Dr. Howard Chubbs 


2010 Dr. William J. Barber II 


2009 Dr. Diane Nash 


2008 Dr. George H. Evans 


2007 Dr. Alvin V. Blount 


2006 No Human Rights Award given. However given out was the NC A&T State University Service Award and that was given to four former state legislators representing Guilford County:  Honorable Flossie Boyd-McIntyre, Mary L. Jarrell, William N. Martin, and Robert G. Shaw. 


2005 Julius L. Chambers 


2004 J. Kenneth Lee 


2003 No award given. 


2002 Vincent G. Harding and Rosemarie Freeney Harding 


2001 Lewis A. Brandon III (first award winner)