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Susan B. Dudley

The guide provides highlights on the life and contributions of Susan B. Dudley, community leader, educator, dramatist, and spouse of A & T second president, James B. Dudley

The A & T Alma Mater

The words to the A & T Alma Mater were written by Susan B. Dudley and the music was composed by Charles E. Stewart, an A & T music professor. She included the refrain "from Dare to Cherokee" to place significance on the geographic diversity of students attending the college. 


















Image Courtesy A & T Archives, Susan B. Dudley Collection

Nominal Dramatics Director

In her role as "nominal" dramatics director, Susan was highly successful. She wrote, produced and directed plays which were often performed Wednesday night of commencement week also known as "Industrial Night'. Most of her plays were a reflection of her religious fervor and concern for the condition of the American Negro: "When Shall I Go Up to My Father", "The Evolution of the Negro" and "Joseph Sold into Egypt" are just a few of her many plays.

Many full and partial versions of her plays can be accessed through the Susan B. Dudley Collection which is housed in the A & T Archives. 
















                                                                                                                                            Image Courtesy A & T Archives, Susan B. Dudley Collection

Arch Structure Design

Susan B. Dudley is credited with creating the design for the arch used many years as the entrance to the historical A & M college campus.