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The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

The 2017-2018 Text-in-Community campus read selection for North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

About Summer Resources

The Text-in-Community book, The New Jim Crow provides insight into the system that has incarcerated millions of African Americans.  Use the clues here to answer the questions to the Scavenger Hunt via Twitter. Happy Hunting!!!


Tweet your answers to @NCATTIC2017 with hashtags #NCATTIC17 and #NCAT21 in your answers.


Court Case

Image result for brown v board of education

Hint: View pgs. 35 and 235

An Important "Act"

Image result for civil rights act of 1964

Hint: '64

A "War" without a Draft

Image result for war on drugs

Hint: View pgs. 49 and 60

An "Amendment"

Image result for 15th amendment

Hint: Not the 13th; View pgs. 29 and 192