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This guide contains a webliography of resources to assist with historical research.


The databases on this page will provide some of the best scholarly and newspaper sources for topics relating to 1968. Click the database image to go to the corresponding database. The descriptions for each database are in red.



NC Live Video Collection 1968

Video Documentaries. Search "1968".

Aggie GOLD Search

Aggie Gold Search is a great starting point if you are not sure where to go.

Google Scholar

Scholarly Articles from Google. You can also see which articles are available through the library.

Google Scholar Search

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete provides scholarly information and covers a wide range of subjects.


JStor has scholarly sources on many historical events and also includes primary sources.

Opposing Viewpoints

Academic Journals, Primary Sources, Different Viewpoints, Newspapers, Stats and Websites.

New York Times Historical

Great place to go to find newspaper articles on a particular event during that time period.

Access World News

Newspaper articles from all over the world.