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Business and Economics

This Guide collects a variety of resources relevant to students the School of Business and Economics. Because there are so many materials important to business topics, future guides will break-out special areas to provide more focus.

Reference Books

Whether you are seeking to look up a quick fact, need to get an overview of a business topic to familiarize yourself before starting a paper, need to find a topic summary to help review for exams, or simply want to inform yourself by reading a brief article to read while relaxing in the library, Reference books are the place to start.

Reference books are usually collections of review articles, summary definitions, quick facts, and other quick information by reliable experts. They are the best way to look up facts and explanations. These are the resources Wikipedia is modeled after! But unlike Wikipedia, reference books are written by experts and edited for reliability and good writing before they can be published for you to read.

Reference books are located on the first floor, past the Reference desk. They cannot be taken out of the library, which guarantees they are available for you to use.

Finding Library Books

Use the Location and Call Number together to find your book. The Location (usually on the left of the screen) will help you figure out what floor to start on. The Call Number (usually in the center of the screen) is how the books are organized on the shelf.

A&T STACKS books with call numbers starting A - L are on the 2nd floor.

A&T STACKS books with call numbers starting M - Z are on the 3rd floor.

A&T BLK STUDIES books are on the 3rd floor in the front.

A&T XXX (oversized books) are located on the 3rd floor next to Black Studies.

A&T LRC books are located on the 3rd floor next to Black Studies.

Some books "do not circulate" or cannot be checked out of the building.

A&T RESERVE books can be asked for at the first floor Circulation desk.

A&T READY REF books can be asked for at the first floor Reference desk.

A&T REF books are just past the Reference desk, on the first floor.

Circulating Books

These books are a sampling of business, management, marketing, economics, finance, and accounting books available in the library. Browse through to see some of the exciting and informative possiblities. Get inspired to enrich your mind at your F. D. Bluford Library!