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Business and Economics

This Guide collects a variety of resources relevant to students the School of Business and Economics. Because there are so many materials important to business topics, future guides will break-out special areas to provide more focus.

Working With Statistics

Finding statistics and data can be difficult. There are a wide variety of sources for statistics, including library statistical databases and government statistical tables (listed on the right). You can also use data from studies reported in journal articles (see the Journals, Magazines, and News tab), which is usually analyzed in the article but can still provide a source of statistics for you to re-analyze.

The F. D. Bluford library also has various software available for analyzing statistics. For simple charts and graphs, most people use Excel. We have many computers with Excel 2007 and some with the older version, Excel 2003. Other software available in the library includes SPSS, which is used for detailed statistical analysis, and ARC GIS, for data mapping. Regrettably, the library cannot provide training or advice on the use of these programs.

Government Statistical Sources

These are freely available statistical sources that you can find on the Internet.

Statistical Databases

These are subscription databases paid for through the F. D. Bluford Library. If prompted for your University ID, use your name and your Banner ID (95#) to log in.