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2021-2022 Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

This guide provides an overview of "Just Mercy" which was adopted as the 2021-2022 Text-in-Community book. It also offers useful information on related issues.

Mass Incarceration, Visualized

National Organizations

Equal Justice Initiative 

Founded in 1989 by Bryan Stevenson, a widely acclaimed public interest lawyer and bestselling author of Just Mercy, EJI is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to people who have been illegally convicted, unfairly sentenced, or abused in state jails and prisons.

Prison Policy Initiative
The non-profit, non-partisan Prison Policy Initiative produces cutting-edge research to expose the broader harm of mass criminalization and then sparks advocacy campaigns to create a more just society.

Local Organizations

Emancipate NC
Through community education, narrative shift, and mobilization, Emancipate NC supports North Carolina’s people as they free themselves from mass incarceration and structural racism.

North Carolina Advocates for Justice

For over 50 years, the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) has protected individual rights in North Carolina. NCAJ members, now 2,250 strong, represent those injured by the wrongdoing of others, workers fighting for their rights in the workplace, the disabled, those addressing family problems, consumers, those in debt, those whose property is threatened by government overreach, and those accused of a crime. They include attorneys, legal assistants, law school faculty and students, and law office managers.