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Political Science


Welcome to the Bluford Libguide for political science. This guide gathers starting places and information for searching library resources on political and governmental topics.

Visit the "Books" tab for information on finding books in the Bluford library and to browse some titles for ideas.

Visit the "Search for Articles by Topic" to access databases where you can enter key words and pull up articles from newspapers, scholarly journals, and related article sources.

Visit the "Journals by Journal Name" to find out how to find a journal (or other periodical publication like news or a magazine) when you know the name of the journal you want. This is a good place to start if a professor or colleague gives you a list of article citations to choose from.

Visit the "Statistical Sources" tab if you want to explore data and statistics on the government and society.

Visit the "Government and Organizational Web Sites" for web information from the U. S. Government as well as links to political science professional and scholarly societies.

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