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Evaluating Web Resources

This is a multidisciplinary guide on evaluating research sources, especially resources found on the World Wide Web.


Welcome to the F. D. Bluford Library guide on website evaluation. Please explore the tabs to get ideas about how to evaluate resources before using them in a research paper.

  • The video below will introduce the idea of evaluating websites.
  • Go to the "Asking Wh__ Questions" tab to get some basic ideas about evaluating websites by asking Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
  • The CRAAP test tab will present a test to help determine what sites are good and what aren't.
  • The Sites for More tab will provide links to other evaluation methods and search tools that can help you start with a more scholarly search or explore different parts of the Web.

Get Deep!

Get deeper knowledge by reading up on your skills! Find serious information on how to find serious information with these books: