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Cultures of the African Diaspora



This guide will cover research tools and materials on the cultures of the African Diaspora.


The "Books on the Diaspora" tab will lead you to some of the many books in the library on the African Diaspora and Diasporic studies.

The "Black Studies Databases" tab will help you search library databases on Africans, African Americans, and blacks throughout the Diaspora. Databases include journal articles, newspapers, magazine articles, books, essays, multimedia, and more.

The "Countries and Cultures" tab will take you to more general books and databases for finding information on cultures, cultural studies, ethnology, and anthropology.

The AFRO-American: the oldest family-owned black newspaper

The Afro-American is the oldest family-owned African-American newspaper in the United States. Visit the AFRO-American archives to read about history the way it was when history was happening!

Video: Africans in America: The Unfolding of Ethnic Identity

If the video below will not play, click here to view it on the website (you may need to log in with your name and A&T Banner ID).