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Clients or Competition: You Decide

How a company relates to other companies in their industry as well as upstream and downstream is an important issue in the success of a business.

Whether you are researching upstream sources in the supply chain, developing lists of potential B2B clients/customers, or gathering intelligence on your competitive landscape, it is critical to be able to research other companies.

Use these tools to find out more about companies no matter what role they play in your business plan.

Database Instructions

Here are lists of databases that might help you, organized by category. All of these databases are available for on and off-campus users here or by going through the Library's Home Page at

To find these databases from the Library Home Page:

  • Choose the Databases tab from the Library home page
  • Click Browse Databases by Title
  • Look in alphabetical order for the name of the database, as listed to the left.

Please note: For off-campus access use your AggieOne ID username, and your BlackBoard password.

Company and Industry Databases

These databases present company and industry descriptions. Some focus more on qualitative information like description, market share, history, and so on. Others emphasize quantitative information and financials. To get a full picture of the company you're interested in you may want to look at it in several databases. For off-campus access, use your Banner ID number.