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Educational Leadership

The following pathfinder is a selective bibliography designed to guide the student in finding information on the different aspects of educational leadership, educational administration, and principalship.


This guide provides you with resources designed to assist you in finding information on the different aspects of Educational Leadership.


Library of Congress Classification

The F.D. Bluford Library uses the Library of Congresss Classification System to arrange materials on the library shelves. Resources on technical writing can be found in the Reference Aera and the stacks aea under the classification listed below:

LB 2801-3095 School Administration and Organization
3011-3095 School Management and Discipline

LC Classification

Library of Congress Classification used hereWhen looking for books in the F. D. Bluford Library it is good to remember that we use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System. Call numbers in the LC Classification System use a mix of letters and numbers but always start with one, two, or three letters.

If you want to browse the shelves in the library you may want to start at:


School Administration and Organization
LB   2801-3095
      3011-3095 School Management and Discipline


Subject Heading

The Library of Congress Subject Headings are used to locate materials in the F. D. Bluford Library's online catalog by Subject.


Educational Leadership

School Principals

School Adminstrators

School Management And Organization