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LIBS475 - Senior Capstone

Selected Databases

Databases are a great way to find credible, peer-reviewed articles for your senior capstone paper. Below are a few multidisciplinary and subject-specific databases to help you get started with your research. 

Databases by Subject

General Database Search Tips

The tutorial below shows you helpful techniques for searching in any database. Use these techniques as well as the ones in the videos to become a master search strategist!

Searching Databases

This video provides a few tips and shortcuts for searching articles in a library database. 

Source: Modern Librarian Memoirs. (2013) Quick Tips & Shortcuts for Database Searching

Understanding Boolean Operators

This video demonstrates how to use Boolean operators when searching in library subscribed databases.
Source:  cutemiffy.  (2007). Boolean Operators [video]. Retrieved June 24, 2009 from