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All of Us Research Program

How to Gain Access

In order to access the Researcher Workbench Registered and Controlled Tiers, users will need to create a Researcher Workbench account online.  

These instructions provide a preview of the process. 

Registering for access to the Researcher Workbench can be accomplished through four steps.

Step 1 – Create a Researcher Workbench Account 

Complete your researcher profile, sign the Terms of Service, and agree to the Privacy Policy.

Step 2 – Verify your Identity  

Verify your identity using or You may need to provide an SSN and a state-issued ID. These are secure services used by participating government agencies.  

Researchers who live in the United States, have a social security number (SSN), and have a valid U.S. government-issued ID (e.g., U.S. territory- or state-issued ID) can use for identity verification. Otherwise, you must use 

This article provide more information on this step.  

Step 3 – Complete the Responsible Conduct of Research Training 

This mandatory training, the Responsible Conduct of Research Training provides education on conducting responsible and ethical research with data from All of Us participants.  

Step 4 – Sign the Data User Code of Conduct. 

The Data User Code of Conduct is an agreement that outlines the program’s expectations for researchers.  

A preview of the agreement is available online.