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CST 703 - Technical Research Writing & Communication Skills

Resources for advanced technical writing at the graduate level.

The 75-20-5 Rule

An article from venture capitalist and former technology journalist M.G. Siegler about the credibility of most news sources about technology topics. The short version: 75% of what you read in today's press is only marginally accurate, 20% is outright wrong, and only 5% actually are usefully accurate. He also discusses why it is that these inaccuracies go uncorrected.

Clarity and Cognitive Factors in Technical Communications

Technical writing and communication depends heavily on calibrating your writing to the medium and audience. We all have suffered from reading poorly-written instructions, manuals, and infographics. Here are some resources to think critically about technical communication and how you can improve your own:

Thinking Critically About Peer Review

Peer review is one safeguard that we use to try and establish the credibility of publications. It's not fool-proof, however, and is not a blanket guarantee. Here are some articles that discuss the strengths and weaknesses of peer review that you should keep in mind when evaluating the articles, websites, and publications that you read.

Databases with Excellent Technical/IT Content