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MLA Walkthrough

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Creating a Citation

Citing your work in MLA style can take some time and effort. It's especially complicated the first few times you do it, while you're getting used to the process. But it's important that you cite all of the information you got from other people, whether you quote them word-for-word or whether you just use a fact from them in your own words! This isn't just true in school; even once you get out in the working world your annual reports and memos to the Boss and other documents have to use citations to accurately show where you're getting your facts from.

One of the hard parts about citing is finding the right pieces of information to put in your citations. This walkthrough will talk about each part of the citation, and then give some examples of how to format them for your citation. There are many other examples of formatting citations available in the MLA Handbook, which you can see at the library. If you have a complicated or unusual case, be sure to check the Handbook to get the authoritative examples of how to deal with it!

If you have a certain part you're interested in, such as "in-text citing" or your list of "Works Cited," go straight to that tab. If you're not sure, go step-by-step.