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Faculty FAQ

This guide will include links to tutorials, services, and advice for faculty throughout the campus community.

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Setting up Google Scholar at home

One way to access Google Scholar is to use the link from the library electronic resources (click G in the GOLD Search box) or bookmark to go there directly.

With or without this link, on campus Google Scholar automatically connects you to resources subscribed to by your library. But at home, if you go through Google then the Google Scholar service has no way to know that you are an A&T faculty member. You can help it by setting it up to link through the library! Not all resources will link through the way they would on campus, but it will at least be able to bring Bluford full text to your attention and try to link through.

Keep in mind that the best way to reach Bluford resources is through the library home page. Other sites will always miss some resources and over-represent others.

To set up your Google Scholar at home, start at the home page. Click your Settings link.

You must allow Cookies to be set in order for it to save these settings in the long-term. If you use computer security that removes cookies, you may want to adjust your settings to compensate.

The Settings menu has other useful settings, such as controlling the default behavior with citation managers like EndNote.

On the Settings screen, click Library Links.

In the next screen you can search for your Library Links. Type in NORTH CAROLINA A&T and click the Search button next to the searchbox.

This should cause the NC A&T option to appear in your checkbox list under the searchbox. Click the checkbox next to North Carolina A&T University, and click Save. From now on (until you delete cookies) you should get the "Full Text @ Bluford" option when you are searching.