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Early Literacy Development (preschool)

The following libguide is a selective inter-disciplinary bibliography to guide you in finding information in Bluford Library on early literacy development in children (birth-preschool).


Suggested Search Terms

Materials in Bluford Library’s online JOURNALS AND DATABASES can be searched by Subject/Keyword Terms. Below is a selected list:

Early Literacy

Child Development

Children with Disabilities (Early Education)

Children’s Literature

Classroom Learning Centers (Preschool)

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Intervention 

Education (Preschool/Nursery)

Emergent Literacy

Language Arts (Preschool)

Poetry and Young Children

Reading Readiness                                                                                                                                       

Sample Bibliography

Childhood Education

Kirk, E., & Clark, P. (2005). Beginning with names: Using children's names to facilitate early literacy learningChildhood Education, 81(3), 139-144.

Developmental Psychology

Lonigan, C., Farver, J., Nakamoto, J., & Eppe, S. (2013). Developmental trajectories of preschool early literacy skills: A comparison of language-minority and monolingual-English childrenDevelopmental Psychology, 49(10), 1943-1943.

Early Childhood Education Journal

Mckie, B., Manswell Butty, J., & Green, R. (2012). Reading, reasoning, and literacy: Strategies for early childhood education from the analysis of classroom observationsEarly Childhood Education Journal, 40(1), 55-61. 

Journal of Early Intervention

Goldstein, H. (2012). Knowing what to teach provides a roadmap for early literacy interventionJournal of Early Intervention, 33(4), 268-280. 

Journal of Research in Reading

Guo, Y., Justice, L., Kaderavek, J., & McGinty, A. (2012). The literacy environment of preschool classrooms: Contributions to children's emergent literacy growthJournal of Research in Reading, 35(3), 308-327.

Reading Research Quarterly

Silverman, R., & Crandell, J. (2010). Vocabulary practices in prekindergarten and kindergarten classroomsReading Research Quarterly, 45(3), 318-340.

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education

Kaminski, R., Abbott, M., Aguayo, K., Latimer, R., & Good, R. (2014). The preschool early literacy indicators: Validity and benchmark goalsTopics in Early Childhood Special Education, 34(2), 71-71.