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1890 Land-Grant Institutions and Tuskegee University Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

The 1890 land-grant institutions are historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890.

Meeting Minutes

1890 Library Deans and Directors Spring 2017 Meeting Minutes at the ARD Symposium – March 31-April 1, 2017 - Atlanta, GA

Members Present:  Vicki Coleman (Chair) – N.C. A&T University, Bettye Black- Langton University,  Murle Kenerson- Tennessee State University,  Dawn Kight (for Emma Perry) – Southern University, Agne Muriuki (for Frank Mahitab) - Fort Valley State University, Annie Payton – Alabama A&M University, Sheila Stuckey (Secretary) – Kentucky State University, Faye Watkins – Florida A&M University, Adrienne Webber – University of MD Eastern Shore, Juanita Roberts (Treasurer) – Tuskegee University

Friday, March 31, 2017

The group met for dinner at Pitty Pat’s Porch and discussed updates from our libraries.  

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Meeting with the Association of Research Directors’ Leadership

The group met with ARD Leadership: Dr. Alton Thompson, Executive Director, Association of Research Directors of 1890 Land Grant Universities, Dr. Andra Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Development- Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center,  Dr. Moses Kairo, Dean, School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences- University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Dr. Vernon Jones, Associate Dean, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences – Langston University, Dr. Shirley Hymon-Parker, Interim Dean, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences – N.C. A&T State University.

There was discussion about how the 1890 Library Deans and Directors can assist with preserving the data and research from our 1890 institutions.  The ARD leadership mentioned that we need to make this a priority.

Some of our institutions are creating makerspaces and centers that foster innovation and ideation.  This discussion included thinking about how we could possibly get funding, such as capacity building grants, and cooperative funding opportunities to support these projects; and other projects such as creating data management plan for the 1890’s.  It was also mentioned that we could possibly apply for a multi-institutional AFRI (Agriculture and Food Research Initiative) grant through NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture).  This would possibly be an opportunity for us to collaborate with the ARD (Association of Research Directors).

It was explained to the group about how federal monies can be spent only on food science and agriculture, and how the dollars are distributed to institutions based on a formula.  For capacity building grants, you have to submit the idea to be included in the initial grant submission.  It was mentioned that the maker space idea could be used as a 4H component, and that we should think about a multi-institutional capacity building grant for this idea.  It was also mentioned that the NSF (National Science Foundation) grants have supplemental proposal options.

It was decided that we need to follow-up with the ARD group after this meeting, as they seemed extremely interested in the data management planning and the maker space ideas.


1890 Library Deans and Directors Meeting

The roll call was completed and the minutes of the November 30, 2016 conference call meeting of the 1890 Library Deans and Directors were read by the Secretary, Sheila Stuckey and were approved and accepted as read.


HBCU Library Alliance Update – It was mentioned that there are some grants opportunities that have been e-mailed from the Alliance that are in collaboration with Lyrasis, however the Alliance member has to also be a member of Lyrasis.  The Lyrasis catalyst funding is available to all Lyrarsis members.

The 1890 group still has an appointed slot on the HBCU Library Alliance Board, Bettye is on the Alliance Board until June, after this, we will need to appoint a representative.

The discussion went back to the data management planning idea, it was mentioned that Iowa State University did a LibGuide on data management planning.  The idea of applying for grant funding to collaboratively subscribe to bepress or Digital Commons was discussed.


Committees – There was discussion about our standing committees.  Given the initiatives that were discussed, it was decided that we would concentrate on the technology committee. It was mentioned that two ad hoc committees could be formed under the Technology Committee. One would focus on maker and ideation spaces and the other would focus on data management planning. Murle Kenerson will be the head of the Technology Committee. They will look at makerspaces and our webpages, as well as platforms, hardware and software.  It is possible for us to appoint other staff from our institutions who may have expertise with technology.  Dawn Kight mentioned that she would be interested in serving on the committee.  Juanita Roberts will coordinate the budget committee.


The charge for the technology committee is to target what are the best practices in technology, and what would best serve our 1890 institutions. We will look at Microsoft Office or possibly Google Groups to determine how the group will communicate.

It was mentioned that we need to explore membership in DMP Tool – a platform to build your data management plan.  We could also look at the Horizon Report to see what technology trends are on the horizon for academic libraries.

There was discussion about collectively using LibGuides Analytics to push out reports.  Vicki showed the group the Iowa State University Library’s Data Management Plan LibGuide.


Nomination Committee

There was discussion about who would serve as chair elect.  It was mentioned that we should elect a nominating committee to work on a slate for the fall meeting.  Bettye Black, Faye Watkins and Sheila Stuckey volunteered to serve.  Chair Vicki Coleman made a motion that we accept the names of the volunteers to serve.  They will present the slate at the fall 2017 meeting.

Vicki will continue to serve as chair through June 2018.


Treasurers Report – Juanita Roberts reported that as of April 1, 2017, twelve institutions have paid a total of $3,250.00 for 2016/17 dues.  A total of $604.00 has been expended for the fall 2016 dinner meeting ($356.78) and USAIN dues ($250.00).  The account balances are: General-Checking- $14,530.47, Savings- $40,283.78 and our CD - $5,062.15 for a total of $59,990.14 in assets.  The report was accepted as read.

Murle commented that we should explore investing the funds in our treasurer’s account.  Juanita will discuss the idea with the Budget Committee.


Old Business

Bylaws- There was some discussion about whether we needed to make changes to the committees.  It was decided that we would continue with the standing committees that we have for this time.

AgNIC and USAIN – There was discussion about whether any of us would be able to attend the 1890 Librarians Deans/Directors meeting if it were held in conjunction with the joint AGNIC and USAIN meeting which will be held at Washington State in the spring of 2018. Many indicated that they would probably not attend since it would be so expensive out on the west coast.

Logo – Original vs. Revised – There was some discussion about the new logo and what it represents compared to the old logo, which is somewhat outdated in today’s standards, however it did tell the story of what the organization represents.  It was decided that we would think about this more, and possibly assign it to the marketing and publicity committee.


New Business

Bettye Black from Langston University shared with us her newly repurposed, renovated spaces in her Library.


The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm


Submitted by: Sheila A. Stuckey, Secretary