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1890 Land-Grant Institutions and Tuskegee University Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

The 1890 land-grant institutions are historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890.

Meeting Minutes

1890 Library Deans and Directors Association

Spring Meeting

Hampton Inn and Suites -Memphis, TN

February 5-7, 2012

Members present: Rebecca Batson – Delaware State University, Ellis Beteck – University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Yildz Binkley – Tennessee State University, Bettye Black – Langston University, Gary Bush- Alabama A&M University, Vickie Coleman – North Carolina A& T University, Jerome Offord – Lincoln University, Annie Payton – Fort Valley State University, Juanita Roberts, Tuskegee University, Sheila Stuckey – Kentucky State University, Adrienne Webber – South Carolina State University

The executive council met on Sunday afternoon at 5:30 pm. On Sunday evening at 6:00 pm the group enjoyed a “Meet and Greet” Super Bowl reception at the hotel.

On Monday, February 6, the business meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Vice-Chair, Chair Elect, Annie Payton.

The roll call was presented by all members present.

The minutes of the November 9, 2011 conference call, and the minutes of the November 14-15, 2010 fall meeting were read by the Secretary, Sheila Stuckey and approved by the group.

Chair’s Report

The Executive Council met on Sunday, February 5 at 5:30 pm. Annie Payton gave an update of what was discussed at the meeting. A letter will go forth to the 1890 presidents asking for their support. We will ask to attend one of their upcoming meetings to let them know what our group in doing, and to garner their support. It was mentioned that in our bylaws, it states that we should be holding at least one of our yearly meetings at one of our campuses. There was discussion about our Fall 2012 meeting, which is to be held in conjunction with the HBCU Library Alliance Membership meeting. It was suggested that we visit Southern University’s campus in Baton Rouge during our meeting. Adrienne Webber agreed to work with Dr. Emma Perry on the arrangements. Adrienne will touch basis with Dr. Perry by March 15, 2012. There was discussion pertaining to the logistics of having our meeting after the Alliance meeting. Adrienne Webber agreed to speak with the new administrative assistant at the HBCU Library Alliance about the hotel arrangements. It was mentioned that we should make note of this in the letter to our presidents that we are trying to be fiscally responsible by holding our meeting in conjunction with another library meeting.

There was some discussion concerning the treasurer having access to a debit/credit card to handle the organizations expenditures. It was mentioned that many hotels and institutions have stopped accepting checks. It was agreed that the treasurer should try to gain access to a debit/credit card to make it more convenient to transact the organizations business.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was given by Juanita Roberts. She reported that as of January 27, 2011, a total of $53,106.37 was transferred from the previous treasurer to the current treasurer’s account with the Tuskegee Federal Credit Union. It was mentioned that the treasurer and chair’s names are associated with the account. The current expenditures from the checking account were $3813.82, which included fees for the webpage setup and fees to join the credit union. It also included dues for our membership to USAIN. The total of deposits to the checking account from membership dues was $7563.82. The total balance from the checking ($7563.82), savings ($43,406.37), and certificate of deposit ($5000.00) is $55,670.19.

There was discussion about membership dues and how we should proceed with getting institutions that have not paid, to become current with their dues. The group suggested that the chair should contact the institutions to see what their intentions are in regards to remaining active and current with the organization.

The institutions that are not current with their dues are: Alabama A& M University ($500), Southern University ($500), N.C. A&T University ($500), and University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff ($250).

Jerome Offord mentioned that it is important that we get 501 (c) (3) status. This status will allow us to stand on our own as an organization. Annie Payton, Jerome Offord, and Juanita Roberts will work on this. A motion was made that we proceed with seeking 501 (c) (3) status. The motion was approved by the group.

The treasurer’s report was accepted and approved as reported.

Progress Report

Annie Payton discussed the progress made with the update of the technology article which was written in 1995 by Karen McDaniel and Laura Tull from Kentucky State University. A survey to support the update was completed, and the next step is to find a publisher to publish the article. There was discussion about various newsletters and journals where the article could be published. Yildz Binkley mentioned that she could publish the article digitally within their digital commons. It was also mentioned that it could possibly be published in Diverse magazine. The group agreed to check into their local/statewide publications for possible publishing.

It was reported that the USAIN and AgNIC meetings are coming up in the spring. Annie Payton mentioned that she submitted a proposal to present at the USAIN meeting. The presentation proposal was denied. Annie reported that she also submitted a proposal to AgNIC, and Fort Valley State was successful in receiving $4000 in grant funds to support setting up a digital contents page for their goat research initiatives. Annie talked about the importance of AgNIC, and the steps to becoming a member.

There was discussion concerning the reciprocal borrowing agreement. Annie mentioned that a hard copy has been drawn up for each director/deans signature.

Committee Reports

Jerome Offord showed the group the website changes and made updates to the charge for the Technology and Marketing and Publicity Committees within our constitution and bylaws.

There was discussion concerning our articles of incorporation, and whether a copy of it is in the files at Kentucky State University.

There was discussion about the term of the office of treasurer. We decided to discuss this matter later in the agenda.

The group discussed the composition of our committees. It was decided that Yildz Binkley will be added to the Technology Committee, and Vickie Coleman will serve on the Technology Committee and possibly the Marketing and Publicity Committee.

Adrienne Webber mentioned to the group that she is attending the upcoming ALADN (Academic Library Advancement and Development Network) conference in Vancouver, Canada, and shared with us some of her fundraising efforts at her institution. There was discussion about adding a fundraising conference to our fall meeting, and possibly including a panel discussion with library directors that have been successful with fundraising. Adrienne will check into this idea.

Strategic Planning/Assessment and Evaluation Committee – Vickie Coleman was added to the committee. Annie Payton will be looking at the charge of this committee, and will be contacting us for a meeting.

Juanita Roberts presented an update of some of the things the 1890 group did historically. Yildz Binkley was asked to write up a concise history for the group. Jerome will add the history to our website. Sheila Stuckey mentioned that she remembered that Dr. Barbara Williams Jenkins gave us a copy of historical reflections for the 1890 group at the Fall 2009 Deans and Directors meeting held at S.C. State. She will pass this information and any other history of the organization found at KSU to Yildz.

Annie Payton gave a presentation to the group concerning the benefits of AgNIC membership. She shared additional information about their grant award and digital project.

It was discovered that since August 12, 1992, we have not renewed our incorporation. Jerome Offord will investigate what we need to do to re-establish our incorporation.

The group shared a roundtable discussion of some of the projects we are doing at our libraries/institutions.

Shared Initiative

A representative from Ebsco presented a webinar to the group concerning possible consortial e-books sharing.

After the presentation from Ebsco, there was further discussion concerning other vendors who might assist us with other consortial pricing, such as: Alexander Street Press, who various streaming video collection. Their nursing video collection was mentioned as a possible purchase for those institutions that have nursing degrees. Another vendor mentioned was Overdrive which distributes e-books, videos, and audiobooks, etc. Jerome will check into setting up possible trials.

National Leadership and IMLS STEM Collaborative Grants

Jerome Offord presented information about applying for IMLS STEM Collaborative grant, which he plans to resubmit February 2013. He mentioned that representatives from IMLS gave him feedback on why the previous grant proposal was not successful. To resubmit the grant Jerome will need the following information from each of our institutions:

* Do we offer information literacy courses?

* Do we use assessment tools such as Project SAILS or other assessment tools?

* Can you document student success (pre-test/post-test) or through statistical data?

* Please provide campus demographics of our students, including gender, ethnicity, ACT scores, whether they are 1st generation student or involved in TRIO programs

* Please provide faculty demographics, any STEM courses your institution offers, faculty support letters, and faculty recruitment (how we will get faculty buy in)

Jerome also presented information on the IMLS Laura Bush National Leadership Grant. This would be a three year grant which would support a project to recruit students into the library profession. It was mentioned that we could possibly get a student with a science/agriculture or engineering background who was interested in the library profession. The group decided that we would give further thought to this grant in the future.

Digital Archivist

The group discussed the advantages of possibly hiring a part-time person as an organization consultant. There was discussion about possibly utilizing a graduate or undergraduate student to assist with marketing the association and our website. Gary Bush mentioned that he may have a person who might be able to assist us with digital archives work. Jerome Offord also mentioned that he might have a person who could assist.

It was suggested that we compile information from our faculty and staff research and digitally load it through Tennessee State’s Digital Common’s site.

There was further discussion that we wouldn’t need a student to assist with marketing. Jerome mentioned that he can handle the website updates as it is currently, but may need assistance if we want to get more flashy and technical with its design.

1890 Live Cooperative Project

There was some historical discussion about the 1890 Live Project. It was mentioned that the 1890 Live Project was the group’s first attempt at getting our faculty research linked, and a way of connecting our institutions and libraries.

There was discussion about contacting BE Press concerning consortial pricing for Digital Commons. It was mentioned that Patti French is the sales representative at BE Press.

On Tuesday, February 8, 2012, the meeting was called to order at 9:10 am.

There was discussion about our need to show our presence at APLU (Association of Public and Land Grant Universities) meeting.

Jerome Offord presented us with a copy of the updated constitution and bylaws. There was some discussion and the following changes were made:

* Under Article IV- Officers and Election, Section 6, on page three, the new statement should read: “All incoming officers will serve a term of two years, starting in July of the election year and all outgoing officers will conclude in June of the same year.”

* Under Article IV – Officers and Election, Section 7F, under (b.) should be changed to: “Serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board as needed.”

* It was noted that the association name should be changed throughout the document adding “Tuskegee” as was reflected in the original name of the organization.

* Under Article VII – Finances, Section 4, the work “access” should be changed to “assess.”

* Under Article IX – Publications, Section 1, the statement should return to the original wording which stated that “Libline” is the official publication of the organization.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the recommended changes and updates to the constitution and bylaws. The motion was approved.

Jerome Offord presented the paperwork to reinstate our incorporation through the state of Missouri. The group decided to proceed with the incorporation, with Jerome serving as the registered agent. The three persons listed as the incorporators are: Annie Payton, Adrienne Webber, and Jerome Offord.

Shared Initiative

OCLC Library Services Consultant Chris Manriquez presented Worldcat Local to the group. He discussed how OCLC can set up our institutions in Worldcat to provide easier access for consortial sharing. He mentioned some new features such as “article exchange” (similar to Dropbox) which allows you to

immediately e-mail articles to faculty, staff and students. He also mentioned that it is free to set up our knowledge base in Worldcat. Annie will keep in contact with Chris on how we want to proceed with OCLC.

Election for Vice President Elect

A nomination was made from the floor to elect Adrienne Webber as Vice President/Chair Elect for the group. The motion was made and seconded that Adrienne Webber would serve as our Vice President/Chair Elect. The motion was approved, and Adrienne will assume the duties as Vice President immediately. Annie Payton will serve as Interim Chair, and will take on her regular term as Chair in July, as Blanche Sanders has stepped down as the current chair.

The attached chart provides a task timeline with assignments and due dates for our upcoming tasks:

Task Responsible Party Due Date

Letter to the 1890 Presidents Annie Payton March 1, 2012

Constitution & Officer Elections

(treasurer…) Jerome Offord March 1, 2012

Membership meeting/Fundraiser

workshop Adrienne Webber March 15, 2012

E-books initiative/follow-up with

Laura at Ebsco Ellis Beteck March 1, 2012

Streaming video subscription

consortial pricing Jerome Offord March 1, 2012

Dues lapse correspondence Annie Payton March 1, 2012

State Incorporation Jerome Offord February 14, 2012

501 (c) (3) application Jerome Offord March 15, 2012

Status /report on activities

update Annie Payton and Adrienne Webber March 29, 2012

Technology Article update Annie Payton April 15, 2012

Credit/Debit card application for

treasurer Juanita Roberts April 15, 2012

A doodle poll will be sent out to schedule our next conference call meeting.

NAL Report – Annie encouraged the group to remember to seek membership in AgNIC. She is willing to share with us a copy of the letter she submitted for membership. We should also remember that Peggy Blake at the National Agricultural Library is our best resource to assist us with our membership.

There was further discussion about the upcoming USAIN and AgNIC meetings. The group decided that we would pay the registration for a delegate to the meetings. Jerome Offord agreed to attend as our delegate to represent the group.

The meeting adjourned at 11:37 am

Submitted by: Sheila A. Stuckey, Secretary

**There is an addendum to the recorded meeting minutes. Annie Payton sent out an e-mail on Thursday, February 9, 2012 to remind us of one action item we failed to act on, which was to have the chair appoint another “At Large member,” since Adrienne Webber the past At Large member was elected Vice Chair/Chair Elect. Our Constitution and By-Laws state that the chair has the authority to appoint the At Large member. Annie Payton has appointed Jerome Offord, at Lincoln University to fill the vacant slot.