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1890 Land-Grant Institutions and Tuskegee University Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

The 1890 land-grant institutions are historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890.

Meeting Minutes

1890 Library Deans and Directors Association

Fall Meeting Minutes

Atlanta Airport Marriott

November 14-15, 2010

Members present: Gary Bush, Alabama A&M, Rebecca Batson, Delaware State University, Annie Payton, Fort Valley State University, Sheila Stuckey, Kentucky State University, Jerome Offord, Lincoln University, Adrienne Webber, South Carolina State University, Shelia Bailey, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Blanche Sanders, Alcorn State University, Lauren Sapp, Florida A&M University, Bettye Black, Langston University, Helen Yeh, Prairie View A&M University, Juanita Roberts, Tuskegee University.

On Sunday evening at 6:00 pm the group enjoyed a “Meet and Greet” reception as well as an overview of the 1890 organization. Shelia Bailey from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore presented an update on her research of the common journal subscriptions held by 1890 member libraries.

On Monday, November 15, the business meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m. by Chair, Blanche Sanders.

I. Welcome

The roll call and welcome was presented by Annie Payton.

II. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the October 2, 2009 meeting were read by the Secretary, Sheila Stuckey and approved.

III. Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was given by Treasurer, Lauren Sapp. She reported that as of October 31, 2010 our savings account balance was $49,790.55, and the checking account balance was $140.64. The Certificate of Deposit balance as of October 31, 2010 was $5044.67. The total balance of all accounts is $54,975.86.

IV. Proposed Union Catalog Update

Annie Payton and Shaundra Walker from Fort Valley State University presented their update on the proposed Union Catalog project. The union catalog would be a collective catalog of all of the 1890 libraries. The server and maintenance would be hosted by OCLC. Annie mentioned that the catalog would highlight resources available at each institution in one interface, allowing greater visibility of our resources. There was discussion about the costs involved for each

institution. The cost would be determined by the number of libraries involved in the project. There is a one-time implementation fee, and a group catalog fee. The variable costs would be based on each institutions existing Worldcat subscription, FTE and the estimated ILL traffic.

There was discussion about whether institutions would be able to participate at this time because of limited budgets. It was mentioned that we should consider setting up an 1890 user group affiliation in OCLC to encourage free lending within the group.

There was discussion about whether the 1890 association had 501-3C status and incorporation. Jerome Offord stated that we need to look into become incorporated. This would allow us to be able to secure grants for the organization.

We discussed becoming more active with grant writing and taking advantage of Peggy Blake’s assistance at NAL, to that we could continue to move the organization forward.

A motion was made by Juanita Roberts that the 1890 Library Directors through our Interlibrary Loan representatives, create an 1890 group to allow constant data lending for the organization through OCLC without cost. The motion was seconded by Gary Bush.

There was discussion about Annie Payton and Blanche Sanders continuing their work on possibly getting funding to support the Union Catalog project.

A motion was made by Annie Payton that the 1890 Library Directors authorizes Annie Payton and Blanche Sanders to partition the USDA for grant funding to support the Union Catalog Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement proposal. The motion was seconded by Gary Bush.

We will possibly have a conference call in December to get an update on the project.

V. 1890 Live Project

Blanche Sanders opened the discussion about us possibly updating the 1890 Live project. She mentioned that Peggy Blake suggested that the first step would be to update the website before we try to apply for a grant to continue with the project. The initial grant covered the entire cost of the project.

There was discussion about us getting an independent host to maintain the organizations website. Jerome Offord will investigate and do research pertaining to the start up cost of having an independent host.

A motion was made by Juanita Roberts for the 1890 Library Directors to allow Jerome Offord to investigate and research the start up cost of having an independent host maintain the organizations website. The motion was seconded by Adrienne Webber.

Jerome has agreed to update the site and Bettye Black will assist in editing the information for the site.

The group agreed to amend the agenda to include more discussion about the 1890 website and committee assignments to “Old Business.”

VI. Status of the Library Automation in the 1890 Land-Grant Institutions

There was discussion about the article Karen McDaniel wrote in 1995, “The Status of Library Automation in the 1890 Land-Grant Institutions. Annie Payton, Blanche Sanders, and Sheila Stuckey have agreed to update the article.

There was discussion about the organizations newsletter, “Libline.” It was agreed that we should add the distribution list as well as “Libline” newsletter to the website. Jerome suggested that we create an e-newsletter.

VII. Election of Officers

The Chair of the nominating committee, Adrienne Webber thanked the other members of the committee, Gary Bush and Sheila Stuckey, and called for nominations from the floor for all offices. There were two nominations presented for the office of Vice-Chair, Jerome Offord and Annie Payton. Juanita Roberts was nominated for the office of Treasurer, Rebecca Batson was nominated for the office of Assistant Secretary, and Sheila Stuckey was nominated for Secretary.

The nominating committee counted the ballots for the election, and the following persons were elected for office:

* Vice-Chair – Annie Payton from Fort Valley State University

* Treasurer – Juanita Roberts from Tuskegee University

* Secretary – Sheila Stuckey from Kentucky State University

* Assistant Secretary – Rebecca Batson from Delaware State University

Chair, Blanche Sanders nominated Gary Bush and Adrienne Webber for the two Members at Large representatives.

VIII. Old Business

The group began to look at and update the current committee structure. It was decided that we would have four standing committees: The Constitution and Bylaws/Legislative Liaison Committee, the Marketing and Publicity Committee, the Strategic Planning/Assessment and Evaluation Committee, and the Budget Committee.

The following persons will serve on the following committees:

Constitution and Bylaws/Legislative Liaison Committee: Jerome Offord – Chair, Adrienne Webber, Shelia Bailey, Annie Payton, and Blanche Sanders – ex-officio.

Marketing and Publicity Committee: Bettye Black – Chair, Sheila Stuckey- Co-Chair, Adrienne Webber- Co-Chair, Juanita Roberts, Lauren Sapp, Shelia Bailey, Jerome Offord, a CSREES representative, and Blanche Sanders- ex-officio.

Strategic Planning/Assessment and Evaluation Committee: Blanche Sanders – Chair,

Gary Bush, Lauren Sapp, Bettye Black, Rebecca Batson, Annie Payton, Sheila Stuckey, Juanita Roberts, and Adrienne Webber.

Budget Committee: Blanche Sanders, Chair, Juanita Roberts, Lauren Sapp, and Rebecca Batson

It was decided that we should put the committee request on the listserv to garner more members from those directors who were not in attendance at the meeting.

A motion was made to add the Technology Committee as a standing committee. The motion was seconded by Juanita Roberts.

The following persons will serve on the Technology Committee:

Jerome Offord- Chair, Annie Payton and Blanche Sanders

VIII. New Business

The next meeting will be held in the spring at either University of Maryland Eastern Shore or Lincoln University in Missouri. There was discussion about possibly hosting the meeting in conjunction with the AgNic meeting. There was further discussion about finding out the date, time and place of the next ARD meeting. It was decided that we would send out a poll to see where we meet for the next meeting. There was discussion about possibly sending out correspondence to our presidents and or agriculture deans to alert them and garner their support for our meetings. A motion was made and seconded that our chair Blanche Sanders should send out a letter to our agricultural deans and presidents to alert them of our meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Submitted by

Sheila A. Stuckey – Secretary