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1890 Land-Grant Institutions and Tuskegee University Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

The 1890 land-grant institutions are historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890.

Meeting Minutes

1890 Library Deans and Directors Conference Call with HBCU Library Alliance– November 30, 2016

Members present: Rebecca Batson – Delaware State University, Bettye Black – Langston University, Vicki Coleman (Chair) - North Carolina A&T University, Dawn Kight (for Emma Perry) - Southern University, Frank Mahitab – Fort Valley State University, Annie Payton – Alabama A&M University, Blanche Sanders- Alcorn State University, Sheila Stuckey – Kentucky State University, and Adrienne Webber – University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Special Guests from HBCU Library Alliance: Sandra Phoenix – Executive Director and Mantra Henderson – Chair.

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am by 1890 Library Deans and Directors Chair, Vicki Coleman.

1890 Conversation concerning Board governance with HBCU Library Alliance Leadership

Sandra Phoenix, Executive Director of the HBCU Library Alliance began the meeting by sharing an apology to the 1890 group for the omission of the name of the 1890 representative to the Board, Bettye Black, from the HBCU Library Alliance Membership Meeting booklet from the October meeting that was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms. Phoenix proceeded to explain some background information about the discussions the Alliance Board has been having regarding the governance and organizational structure of the organization. Ms. Phoenix spoke about the November 2, 2016 Board meeting and the proposed changes in the Bylaws and new membership make-up of the Board.

Members of the 1890 group voiced their opinions and concerns about the new proposed changes.

Ms. Phoenix asked that the 1890 group bring our concerns to the December 15 forum that is scheduled for member discussion and feedback on the proposed changes to governance. It was mentioned by Ms. Phoenix that the membership will be able to revisit the changes, and that the Board will look at all comments and concerns. The members of the Alliance will vote on the proposed changes in early 2017.

The meeting with the 1890 Library Deans and Directors and the HBCU Library Alliance Leadership ended at approximately 11:40 am.

The 1890 Library Deans and Directors continued on the Conference Call.

There was more discussion about the HBCU Library Alliance changes. Bettye Black our Alliance Board representative shared some information about the discussion of the proposed changes from the last Board meeting.

It was decided that the 1890’s will have another conference call meeting after the December 15th forum.

Update on Conversation with Dr. Alton Thompson, Executive Director of the Association of 1890 Research Directors

Chair, Vicki Coleman talked about the conversation she had with Dr. Alton Thompson, Executive Director of the Association of 1890 Research Directors. He will share will Vicki the priorities of the ARD Directors group. The ARD Research Symposium will be held April 1-4, 2017 in Atlanta, GA at eh downtown Hyatt Regency. Vicki shared with Dr. Thompson that we want to meet with the Directors at the Symposium. Dr. Thompson shared that Saturday, April 1 would be the best day for the meeting, which will last for