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1890 Land-Grant Institutions and Tuskegee University Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

The 1890 land-grant institutions are historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890.


Last revised May 2012.




SECTION 1. The name of this Organization shall be the 1890 Land-grant Institutions and Tuskegee Institution Library Deans/Directors Association, Inc.

SECTION 2. This association was originally incorporated in June, 1984 in the State of South Carolina as a non-profit educational association. (incorporation in the State of South Carolina lapsed in 1993.)  The organization was re-established by action of the members in February 2012 and incorporated in the State of Missouri.

SECTION 3. In addition to ensuring the continued high level of quality information support to the academic program and research efforts at the 1890 Colleges and Universities and Tuskegee and to maintain the high standards of operations of the member libraries, the major purpose of this association shall be:

1.     To promote cooperation between the 1890 College and University Libraries.

2.     To assist Cooperative State Research Service and Agricultural Research Directors' in their programs.

3.     To cooperate with U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Library in the dissemination of information, technology and sources of financial support.

4.     To seek support for joint innovative efforts between member libraries.

5.     To enhance the human resources of the member libraries through professional and staff development and recruitment into the profession.

6.     To promote consortia type activities by looking into shared services that are mutually beneficial to members.

7.     To promote and practice fiscal prudence by ensuring that all programs, meetings, etc., are vetted to determine the fiscal impact on members.


SECTION 1.  Tuskegee and each 1890 College Dean/Director shall automatically serve as a member of the Association.

SECTION 2. The Library Dean/Director may designate a representative to attend a meeting during their absence. The designee may serve as an observer. Only Library Dean/Director will have voting privileges.

SECTION 3. The National Agricultural Library Liaison, USDA/CSREES Representatives, the Archivist and others as named by the chair of the association shall be granted Associate membership with no voting privileges

SECTION 4.  Active members at the time of retirement may serve in an advisory capacity as designated by the chair.  Advisory members have no voting privileges and are only allowed to attend meetings by the invitation of the Chair or the Executive Board.


SECTION 1. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of this organization. The Executive Board will consist of the officers of the organization (defined in Article IV), the immediate Past-Chair and two (2) Members-At-Large who will be appointed by the Chair, and the Executive Director.  The Executive Director shall serve in an ex-officio capacity.

SECTION 2. The Executive Board shall propose policy for the organization on the basis of issues brought before the Board. The proposals shall be referred to a vote of the full body of the organization at the next meeting.

SECTION 3. The Executive Board shall fill any vacant office during the Interim between meetings.

SECTION 4. Meetings of the Executive Board will be held at least once prior to regular meetings. Meetings may be arranged via teleconference.

SECTION 5. A majority shall constitute quorum of the Executive Board.


SECTION 1. The officers of this organization shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair/Chair elect, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer.

SECTION 2. The Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Fall Meeting of the organization during every even year.

SECTION 3.  Upon the election of a Vice-Chair/Chair elect, the current Vice-Chair/Chair elect becomes the Chair of the Association.

SECTION 4.   No officer may serve more than three (3) consecutive terms in the same position, six (6) consecutive years, in any office.

SECTION 5.   All officers will assume office on July 1 of the year of election after the spring membership meeting.  Election shall be by secret written or electronic ballots. A majority of votes casted will determine the election results.

SECTION 6.   All incoming officers will serve a term of two years, starting in July of the election year.  All outgoing officers will conclude in June of the same year. 

SECTION 7.  Duties of Association Officers.

SECTION 7A. The Chair shall be the official spokesperson and representative of the organization. Other duties will include:

1.     Chairing the Executive Committee

2.     Presiding over membership meetings

3.     Serving as Ex Officio member, All Standing Committees

4.     Appointing all Committee members.

5.     Developing the meeting agenda.

6.     Developing the Annual Report for the Association.

7.     Developing Quarterly Report for Research Directors and other reports for other agencies as requested.

SECTION 7B.   The Vice-Chair Elect shall serve the first term as Chair-Elect; the second term as Immediate Past Chair other duties include:

1.     Program Chair for all meetings including selection of theme, site, speakers, etc.

2.     Representing the association at meetings as per request of the Chair.

SECTION 7C. Secretary - Duties of the Secretary will include:

1.     Recording and distributing minutes of membership and executive meetings.

2.     Transferring all revised and approved minutes to the Association's Archivist.


SECTION 7D. Assistant Secretary - Duties of the Assistant Secretary includes:

1.     Maintaining membership roster and directory.

2.     In absence of the Secretary, recording minutes.

3.     Serving as corresponding Secretary.

SECTION 7E. Treasurer - Duties of the Treasurer include:

1.     Receiving and disbursing funds, including membership dues and conference registration fees, etc.

2.     Maintain written accounts of all income and expenditures.

3.     Maintaining a bank account in name of the Association.

4.     Providing complete written financial reports to the Executive Board and the full membership at each meeting. 


 SECTION 1. There will be five (5) standing committees to handle matters of continuing importance to the operation of the organization. The committees shall be:

The Constitution and Bylaws/Legislative Liaison Committee

This committee will continually review the constitution and bylaws and make suggestions for revisions to the Executive Board. Members of this committee shall meet with the Congressional representatives, officials of USDA and the National Agricultural Library to plan, communicate and report to the Executive relative matters affecting the association.

The Marketing & Publicity Committee

Charged with publicizing the activities and innovations of the 1890 Land Grant College Libraries, this committee shall regularly publish the organization's newsletter.

The Strategic Planning/Assessment and Evaluation Committee

The future development, role and function of the Association will be systematically reviewed by this committee, seeking out opportunities and challenges for the body. All alternatives for long range action will be presented to the Executive Board and as needed to the membership.

 The Budget Committee

The Budget Committee shall have the responsibility of developing an annual operating budget for the association based on input from the various Association Committees and the Executive Board.

The Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is charged with updating the association on best practices, emerging technologies, trends, and other technological issues impacting 1890 Land-grant libraries.  In addition, the technology committee is responsible for managing and updating the association’s website, electronic newsletter, and other communication as deemed necessary.

SECTION 2.  Each committee shall be composed of a minimum of three (3) members appointed by the Chair.

SECTION 3.  An Ad Hoc Nominating Committee, appointed by the Chair, shall present a slate of officers at the spring meeting for election and installation at that meeting.

SECTION 4. Other committees of the Association may include:

Proposal/Research and Development



International Cooperation


Special Projects

Staff Development and Training

*Responsibilities and composition of these committees and appointment of members will be at the discretion of the Chair.


SECTION 1.   The Association shall meet at least twice each year to conduct the business of the organization.

SECTION 1A.  By a majority vote of the members, the Association can postpone, delay, and/or reschedule an in-person meeting due to the economic climate impacting higher education, acts of God, or any other situation that may present a financial constraint of member institutions.  Enacting this clause, member institutions commit to having virtual meetings within 60 days of the scheduled in-person meeting.

SECTION 2.  The time and place of meetings shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. One meeting each year may be hosted by a member institution.

SECTION 3.  A majority of the official membership of the association shall constitute a quorum.


SECTION 1.   Annual Dues

There shall be annual membership dues per institution and such dues will be implemented and ratified by the membership.

SECTION 2.   No member may assume office unless the institutional membership dues are current.

SECTION 3.   Disposition of Assets

In the event that the Association disbands or becomes otherwise defunct, all remaining funds in the Treasurer shall be disbursed to an accredited 501(c )(3) institution, with preference given to an Archives at a member institution for the sole purpose of preserving and maintaining the Association's Records.

SECTION 4.   Registration Fees

The Executive Board reserves the right to assess registration fees to cover the cost of the meeting.



SECTION 1. The Emblem

The emblem of the organization will be approved by the membership. The colors of the organization will be black and gold.


SECTION 1.The official publication of the Organization will be a newsletter or bulletin entitled: "LIBLINE." Final draft must be approved by the LIBLINE Editorial Board and the Executive Board.


SECTION 1. "Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised" latest edition will govern the Organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.


SECTION 1.   The Constitution and Bylaws may be revised by a two-thirds vote of the membership at either an assembled meeting or conference call, provided that the proposed amendments has been presented in writing to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee no less than three (3) months prior to the ensuing meetings of the Organization. Balloting for the amendment(s) may be mailed or e-mailed.

SECTION 2.   At any meeting of the Association, amendments may be by a majority vote of the registered delegates attending, provided that the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws has reviewed the proposed amendments and a member of the Organization has presented it on the floor.