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Faculty FAQ

This guide will include links to tutorials, services, and advice for faculty throughout the campus community.

PIVOT funding search

You can access Pivot at

As a researcher working or attending school at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, you have access to the Community of Science. This service lets you create researcher profiles to share your expertise. It also gives you access to Pivot to search available funding opportunities.

Pivot will let you search across federal funding agencies, private foundations, and a wide variety of other funding sources.

Pivot access is restricted to A&T students and employees. When you are on campus you can search Pivot without a special account or password. But, if you want to search Pivot at home you will need to set up an account. Go to and click the "register for a Pivot account" link, as illustrated below.

Pivot Account Link

After you create your Pivot account, you can use the login to search at home just like you do on campus.

The videos to the right will show you how Pivot works. Use these to train yourself on the basics of Pivot searching. If you have any questions contact the Office of Research services.

Proposal Help

Remember to use the proposal development checklist to plan your proposal! The Office of Research Services and Project Management can help you at every stage of the process.