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Literature Review

You MUST cite

A big part of the literature review process is making good use of quotes and paraphrases from the literature. When you are synthesizing others' points you must remember to add your parenthetical citations (or footnotes if you use Chicago or another Notes style).

Don't forget! Even when you rephrase someone's idea in your own words, or combine multiple articles ideas into a summary sentence, you still have to give them credit. Mastering giving credit is an essential part of the literature review process.

Look at one of the scholarly articles you are working with. Notice all of the parenthetical citations in the literature review section? Sometimes in the introduction and literature review of articles it seems like every sentence has a parenthetical citation behind it. That is normal. It can feel a little strange when you start to write literature reviews, putting so many citations in. But it's important that you do it anyway. Every time you quote or summarize from the articles you read, make sure to add your citation information immediately after.