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MLA Walkthrough


Titles are usually easy to find on print information, but can be harder to find when you're online. Usually titles are put near the top of information, bold or bigger than everything else.

Something that can be confusing about titles is that some works have two titles: the section title and a bigger title. For example, a chapter in a book has a chapter name and a name for the whole book. In a magazine, you have the name of the article and the name of the magazine. In both of those cases you need both names, the "article title" and the "magazine/book title."


Make sure you get the whole title, including any subtitle parts that may be written in smaller letters beneath the main title.


Almost all articles have two titles! Make sure you note the name of the article and the name of the publication it's from. So, if you get an article called "Aggie Pride" from the student newspaper, you need to make sure you note both the tittle "Aggie Pride" and the name of the newspaper the A&T Register.


When you have a chapter, short story, article, or other section inside a bigger book, you need both the section and the book name. Be sure you get both titles, the name of the chapter/section and the name of the whole book.


Some websites can be hard to get titles from. You have to look around for titles of individual pages or the whole website. Try to be sure that you don't use the name of the whole website (example: when you're really only using one article. Also, if you use one article out of a collection, make sure you write down the name of the site it came from as well.