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Research Skills 2.0

Teach yourself the tricks of the library trade with these tutorial videos, guided walkthroughs, and other learning tools. A great starting place for distance learners, lifelong learners, and all researchers wanting to strategize efficiently.

How to Read a Call Number

This video comes from the University of Arkansas, and tells how to read a Library of Congress call number, the same system of organization that the F. D. Bluford Library uses. 

Source: University of Arkansas Libraries. (2008) How to Read a Library of Congress Call Number

Understanding Boolean Operators

This video demonstrates how to use Boolean operators when searching in library subscribed databases.
Source:  cutemiffy.  (2007). Boolean Operators [video]. Retrieved June 24, 2009 from

Searching Article Databases

This video provides a few tips and shortcuts for searching articles in a library database. 

Source: Modern Librarian Memoirs. (2013) Quick Tips & Shortcuts for Database Searching