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Food & Nutrition

This Guide collects resources on nutritional sciences, dietetics, food science, and food technology.

Database Instructions

Here are lists of databases that might help you, organized by category. All of these databases are available for on and off-campus users here or by going through the Library's Home Page at

To find these databases from the Library Home Page:

  • Choose the Databases tab from the Library home page
  • Click Browse Databases by Title
  • Look in alphabetical order for the name of the database, as listed to the left.

Please note: For off-campus access use your first and last name, and your Banner ID number.

Interesting Articles

Tips for Searching

When searching in online databases, remember these rules of thumb:

  1. The words you enter determine exactly what you get out. So, for different results you must use different words.
  2. More search terms = fewer results.
  3. Fewer terms = more results.
  4. Connect words with AND instead of putting in complete sentences. Computers do not understand grammar.

Databases for Nutrition Research

These databases may link to articles, but do not include many articles in full-text inside the database. They can be more time consuming to use, because they include thousands of abstracts from around the world but do not directly deliver the full article. Use bibliographic databases for in-depth research when you need to go beyond the limits of the quick-and-easy resources.

Full-Text Databases for Nutrition Research

These databases include at least some full-text articles. Many allow you to limit your results to onlyresults that will show the full article ("full-text"), but be aware that you will get fewer results that way.