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EndNote Web Tutorial

Endnote Web is a web-based service designed to help students and researchers organize and format reference lists in a variety of publishing styles.


Welcome to EndNote Web tutorial. EndNote Web is a free web-based service to all students, faculty and staff. However, faculty and graduate students are encouraged to use the EndNote software. EndNote Web allows you to:

 search resources online.

 save your results directly to an online library/group.

 collect and organize your references in one location.

 share your references with others who have EndNote Web

 format citations and footnotes or a bibliography.


Creating an Account

To create an account, go to the library homepage and click on Databases

Browse database by title till you see EndNote Web in alphabetical order.

Click on EndNote Web.

At the main page, click the SIGN UP link to register for an account.

Enter your e-mail user name and select a password.

Read the information provided and click the I Agree link.

We prefer you create your account while you are on campus.


Creating a Group

In EndNote Web creating a library is called creating a group. You create a group to store your references.

To create a group you must be signed into EndNote Web. 

Click the Organize tab.

Select New Group found under Manage My Groups.

Name this group and click OK.

Collecting References

Click the Collect tab and you will see there are three ways to collect references into you EndNote Web group.

1. Through connection - Online Search

2. By importing references you have saved from database searches - Import References

3. By manually entering references - New References


Online Searching

Click the Online Search tab.

Click the drop-down menu and select North Carolina Ag and Tech St U and then click Connect. You are now connected to the NCA&T State catalog.

In the first box type Angelou, Maya.

In the box next to it, click the drop-down menu and select author.

Click the Search tab. Search returned 80 results. Select 1 thru 10 and click Retrieve.

Next click the ALL box on the retrieve result page.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Add to group link.

Select the group to save your references in by clicking it.

To EDIT your references go to My References where all of your references will be displayed.

Select the group to be edited.

Click the title to be edited and click the Edit tab.

Make changes and click the Save tab. 


Importing References

Go to the library database and perform a keyword search in Academic Search Completee for Maya Angelou.

Select the first six results.

Click the add to folder for all six. Click the Folder link.

Check all six boxes.

Click the Export link and select the Generic bibliographic management software link. 

Click Save.

Use Explorer web browser to save page as a text (*txt) file. Click File -Save As.

To get references into your selected group, go to EndNote Web and select the Collect tab at the top of the page.

Click the Import References link.

Click Browse and search for saved results.

For Filter, select Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) from the drop-down menu.

In the To box, select group to import references to and click Import. All six references will be imported into your group.


Add New References

Manually type references into group.

Select the Collect tab at the top bar.

Select New Reference

Fille out bibliographic fields

Select group you want your reference to be saved in.

Click Save link when you are done.