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Social Work

Locating tests & measures in journals

Frequently, article authors will describe a scale, test, or measure that they either used or created for their research. Sometimes, the author will include the scale in the appendix of their article.

  • If this is the case, you can do a search for a data collection instrument in databases such as PsycInfo or Social Services Abstracts.
  • Use PsycInfo (A&T community only) if you are looking for mental health and health measures.
  • Search Social Services Abstracts (A&T community only) if you need scales that measures the effectiveness of a program or evaluates a social situation.

 In order to find articles that have reprints of tests in the appendix, it is helpful to use the keyword "append*" when you type in words for your search. In PsycInfo, "append*" can also be selected as a test and measure.  Using the word "append*" will help you retrieve articles that have an appended test. Make sure to use the *at the root of a word. The * tells the database to look for variations of the word, such as append, appended, or appendix.

As you look through the abstracts of the articles, look for keywords like "Appended" as highlighted below. This means that you will find the full-text of the instrument in the appendix of the article.


*Drug Therapy; *Geriatric Patients; *Interpersonal Psychotherapy; *Major Depression; *Treatment Outcomes; Antidepressant Drugs; Nortriptyline; Paroxetine

Health & Mental Health Treatment & Prevention (3300)
Affective Disorders (3211)

Human (10)
Male (30)
Female (40)
Age Group:
Adulthood (18 yrs & older) (300)
Tests & Measures:
Interpersonal Self Evaluation
Mini Mental State Examination [Appended]
Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression [Appended]