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Social Work

Finding Test Instruments


The following list is an example of practice methods commonly used by social workers. It is not presented as an exhaustive list or as an exclusive list that only social workers can practice.

Case management

Psychosocial therapy

Community resource coordination

Child protection assessments


Developmental social welfare

Client-centred therapy

Social casework

Grassroots mobilization/locality development

Clinical social work

Social group work

Program evaluation

Crisis management

Client advocacy

Neighbourhood and community organizing

Discharge planning

Network facilitation

Political and social action

Family and marital therapy

Network skills training

Social planning

Family mediation

Structural social work

Social policy analysis and development

Group therapy

Class action social work

Structural change

Finding the right test, measure, or instrument can take several steps. This page of the guide was designed to help by answering some frequently asked questions. If you need more help, please feel free to stop by Bluford Library or contact us using the information to the right.

If you already know the name of the test you are looking for, it's important to first find out if the test is available for free. Here is why:

  • Sometimes well known tests are available only as commercial tests, meaning that you would have to purchase them from a company.
  • If you have limited time and money, you probably do not want to order a test, so it is good to find out right away if your test is commercial so that you have time to identify and look for a different test.

 To find out if the test you need is only available commercially, search for your test online in the database Mental Measurements Yearbook, an index of commercial tests. Please note that Mental Measurements Yearbook database is available to the A&T community only.

If your test is profiled in Mental Measurements Yearbook, it is only available if you purchase it, so you may want to consider other options, including:

  • Looking through the library's book collection
  • If you are unable to find an appropriate test in our book collection, try searching for tests in journal articles or online dissertations.
  • See the main page of this guide for other options for finding tests.