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Transportation/ Engineering - Summer High School Transportation Institute (STI)

This guide will assist you in TRANSPORTATION research using the library's online catalog, eBook Collection, research databases and appropriate websites.

LC Links

Three Simple Rules


  • The FIRST letter(s) in the LC call number DO NOT relate the authors last name
  • The letters DO NOT alphabetically relate to the type of the subject (i.e. E is not for Engineering)
  • When searching for a book. The call number is read from LEFT to RIGHT.


Library of Congress (LC) VS. Dewey

You may be used to the Dewey system in your high school library in order to find books. Here at A&T, we use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system.


LC can break subjects down into more specific locations than Dewey. It is just a more convenient way to organize materials when you have a bigger collection. For example, A&T's Library has 600,000 volumes, where a local high school in Greensboro, NC may have 22,000.


THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to understand is that the LC classification system is different from Dewey. It does  not carry over. The letters mean different things in both systems. The BEST way to understand the LC system is to use the catalog and/or ask for help.