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Section scope

This page is specifically about locating whole journals, rather than individual articles.

Which section should you be in?

  • If you want to search for a journal article on a topic, such as memory or depression, you should be in the Articles section. Click psychology articles tab above.
  • If you want to flip (or browse) through a given journal to see what's in it, you should stay here. For example if you want to know how to find the latest issue of American Psychologist just to see what's there, this is tha page to be on.


To find e-journals go to the e-Journals tab of the library home page and enter the name of the journal you're interested in. You can explore a comprehensive list of e-Journals via our A-Z Listing.

Below are some sample eJournals:

Print Journals

If you want to flip through a copy of a journal, magazine, newsletter, or other serial/periodical resource visit the serials department on the lower level of the F. D. Bluford Library.

If you want to search for journals in the library you can search in the catalog for the journal you're interested by title. Or, you can search for a variety of print journals by looking by subject for subjects like:

  • Child psychiatry Periodicals
  • Cognition Periodicals
  • Human behavior Periodicals
  • Medicine and psychology Periodicals
  • Mental illness Periodicals
  • Psychology Periodicals
  • Psychology Research Periodicals
  • Psychotherapy Periodicals
  • Social psychology Periodicals

Alternatively, you can search for titles that you're interested in. If you're interested in older journals and magazines, you should search the catalog for the call number of the journal. Older journal issues are organized by call number. If you are only interested in current issues, you can take the title to the Current Journals section of the lower level. Newer journals are organized by title.

Consider these psychology journals that we own in print:

Bluford Reads

The American journal of psychology
The American psychologist
Applied & preventive psychology
Behavioral neuroscience
The British journal of educational psychology
British journal of psychology
Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society
Child development
Cognitive psychology
Contemporary psychology
Criminal justice and behavior
Current psychology: research & reviews
Current psychological research & reviews
Developmental review: DR
Developmental science
Health psychology
Human performance
The Industrial-organizational psychologist
Infant behavior & development
The International journal of aviation psychology
Journal of abnormal psychology
Journal of applied psychology
Journal of applied behavior analysis
Journal of adult development
Journal of applied social psychology
The Journal of black psychology
Journal of counseling psychology
Journal of comparative psychology
Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
Journal of clinical psychology
Journal of cross-cultural psychology
Journal of experimental psychology: general
Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance
Journal of experimental psychology
Learning, memory, and cognition
Journal of educational psychology
Journal of experimental psychology: animal behavior processes
The Journal of general psychology
Journal of genetic psychology
The journals of gerontology Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
Journal of instructional psychology
Journal of motor behavior
Journal of multicultural counseling and development
Journal of nonverbal behavior
The Journal of psychology
Journal of personality
Journal of personality and social psychology
The Journal of philosophy
The Journal of social psychology
Journal of sport & exercise psychology
Law and human behavior
Learning and motivation
Literature and psychology
Merrill-Palmer quarterly
Organizational behavior and human decision processes
Perception & psychophysics
Psychological assessment
Psychology and aging
Psychological bulletin
Psychonomic bulletin & review
Psychology in the schools
Psychology & marketing
Psychology of women quarterly
The Psychological record
Psychological review
Psychological science
Psychological science in the public interest
Psychology today
Social cognition
Social psychology quarterly
Teaching of psychology