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 Joyce A. Ladner was born on October 12, 1943 in Waynesboro, Mississippi and raised amid 8 sibling. She began school at the age of three, and graduated high school in 1960 with her older sister, Dorie. In 1964 she received her B.A. in sociology from Tougaloo College in Mississippi. Two years later she earned a master's of arts degree in sociology from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri; and by the age of 24, Ladner had earned a doctorate in sociology from Washington University.  In 1970 she conducted postdoctoral work as a research associate at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. In Tanzania she completed research on "The Roles of Tanzanian Women in Community Development." Active within the SNCC organization as field secretary, Ladner was a witness to the racial conflict, violence, and the institutionalization of segregation. She has written numerous reports on children's issues and has often been consulted for her expertise. Her work spans the roles of sociology professor, university president, presidential appointee, and a national public policy analyst. A prolific scholar, she has committed her life to improving the areas of diversity, multicultural education, higher education, urban issues, public policy, family and gender challenges, and child welfare.

Forced into early retirement in 2003 due to fibromyalgia, she moved to a lakeside home in Florida to be an abstract painter. In January 2008, she started a blog called The Ladner Report wherein she commented on the 2008 U.S. presidential race and openly supported the campaign of, and now supports the presidency of Barack Obama. Ladner attended Pres. Obama's Washington, DC inauguration in January 2009. She sat behind the Tuskegee airmen on the steps of the Capitol building.




Select articles about Dr. Joyce A. Ladner:

Catching Up With…Joyce Ladner.

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Is A Frayed Friendship Worth Fixing?

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The Ties That Bind: Timeless Values for African American Families.
 Source: Ebony | 2001-1056:12, | 32(0) | ISSN: 00129011.  The article reviews the book "The Ties That Bind: Timeless Values for African American Families."

Interim' president's proactive agenda leads Howard U. into progressive arena.

Source: Ladner, Joyce. The New York Amsterdam News Volume: 86 Issue: 5 (1995-02-04) ISSN: 0028-7121

Dr. Joyce Ladner, Howard Univ. Vice President, named its new acting president.

Source: Jet Volume: 86 Issue: 5 (1994-06-06) ISSN: 0021-5996


Select articles by Dr. Joyce A. Ladner:

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Black teenage pregnancy: a challenge for educators
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Black women face the 21st century: major issues and problems
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