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Alerting/RSS Services

Keep up with the latest information in your field

What is an Alert?

Most publishers and e-resource providers provide alerting services to help keep their customers informed in their chosen area.

An alerting service is a service that delivers table of contents and/or daily and/or weekly digests of journals to your email box.

The service is not only designed for the serious researchers but also those who may be leisure users of information.

How do I receive an Alert?

An alerts can be sent via email or RSS feed.

It is a free service....

Most of these services require you to register with the database provider(s) and to create a user name and password to login .

Types of Alerts

Search Terms Alert- customiazble and built from your own keyword search

Journal Title - You can select a specific journal you wish to follow. You will receive the table of content (TOC) from the latest issue.

Citation Alert - Whenever the selected citation is use in a selected database you will receive a notice from that database of future articles referencing that citation. 


Advantages of Alerts

It is a free service

It is a comprehensive coverage of your topic

Lets you know instantly when something new is available